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Skill Slots Uwo. skill slots uwo tips and tricks about Uncharted Waters Online game based on my experiences. Shipbuilding part 2, Freestyle Shipbuilding ... parts will give a ship skill when your ...Nov 08, 2010 but I cant recall how many skill slots you get early on so might have to ...

Uncharted Waters Online Publisher Blog - MMORPG.com Blogs UWO_NEWS's blog titled Uncharted Waters Online Publisher Blog. ... Uncharted Waters Online Publisher Blog. Uncharted Waters ... The more slots you have ... Uncharted Waters online | mer_skills Skills used on land. Accounts. Required Vigour 10 ... Using this skill in battle will speed up the ship making it easier to escape the enemy's grasp.

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LVL 1-9 Go to school, do all three courses, get all available skills possible for maritime. I grabbed the following in this order for the purpose of lvlingThese are only a few of the Mari skills but will be the core of this leveling process, if any change I will post it later. LVL 10-14 You are probably still in... Uncharted Waters Online Review and Download | MMO Bomb

Uncharted Waters Online is a broad and deep game, so this is only a presentation of the most ... You start with 12 skill slots, and you get more as you level up.

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Skills for New Characters (New UWO Players, Please Read) A cooking alt needs almost no other skills. Saves you a skill slot. Personally, I just bought all of my food, but if you are the self-sufficient, entrepreneurial, or frugal type... youll want a cooking alt. ... Facebook Uncharted Waters Online [Fan Group] Laviol Posts: 186 Member Trainee. Skill system? :: Uncharted Waters Online General Discussions Mar 22, 2013 · For some skills it doesn't make that much of a difference, like Swordplay, that will pretty much just add some more damage / dodge / block / ect to your stats, but for crafting skills it will be a huge difference, since for example, "Handicrafts" skill, that you use to make wine from grapes, at level 7 will give you access to certain recipes (Recipes are what you need to craft different items Oxford skills :: UWO Ultimate Guides Your ultimate place for Uncharted Waters Online info. Homepage > Skills > Oxford skills . Oxford skills. Skill : Credits : Description : Boost : Scholarship Recognition: 100 : Easier to raise evaluation upon submitting a treatise at college. +20% more credits received : Ship Speed Up 1: New to Uncharted Waters Online | Official Uncharted Waters Welcome to the game! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Uncharted Waters Online is a broad and deep game, so this is only a presentation of the most important things to know for new players. Character Creation Select a nation: Can be changed later in the game. Job: Relatively unimportant...