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Blackjack Ball History - The Encyclopedia of Blackjack The Blackjack Ball is a secret party that Max Rubin has hosted since 1997. Voting occurs at this event for new inductees into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Blackjack Hall of Fame List - Legitimate Casino Blackjack Hall of Fame List. ... France in 1987 at the young age of 52 and did not live to see his ultimate recognition as a charter member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Had he lived, he might have attended the Blackjack Ball induction ceremonies dressed as part of the catering crew.

So, in 2003, Blackjack Hall of Fame was founded. It's office is located in the Barona Casino, San Diego, California. It includes the best players, experts and authors of best-selling books on blackjack. History Hall of Fame began in late 2002 when twenty one candidate for this ranking were selected. They were chosen by the Internet voting, which lasted for a month. It ended in January 2003 at the Blackjack Ball. On that event the 1st seven members of Blackjack Hall of Fame were inducted. Blackjack Hall of Fame - Blackjack Apprenticeship Million dollar winning card counter, David "Loudon Ofton" Drury, writes about the Blackjack Hall of Fame, which honors the world's top card counters.

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77 Online Casinos. The Blackjack Hall of Fame Find out about the most prestigious Blackjack Hall of Fame that honors the real blackjack stars since 2002! Blackjack Hall of Fame

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The Blackjack Hall of Fame | Dover Downs Hotel & Casino Perhaps it is no surprise then that, in addition to a lifetime comp for food, drinks and lodging from the Barona Casino (one of the hall’s sponsors), members have to agree to never again play on the Barona’s tables. Test Your Blackjack Skill at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino Blackjack Mulligan Hall Of Fame - The current members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame are the following: Al Francesco, 2002, one of the founders of the concept of blackjack teams . Peter Griffin , 2002, mathematician, theoretical pioneer and author of The Theory of Blackjack . Arnold Snyder , 2002, former professional player, author and editor of Blackjack Forum . Blackjack Hall of Fame In the Blackjack Ball of 2004 another list of honorary members of the blackjack community was suggested as potential Blackjack Hall of Fame members and put to a public vote. The primary voting was again done by the attendees of the Blackjack Ball and at the end of it two new inductees into the Blackjack Hall of Fame were announced. THE BLACKJACK BALL - Henry Tamburin